My “Coup de Coeur” is “Belle Epoque”

The “Beautiful Era” – a time of optimism, peace and prosperity. Four decades when the arts were allowed the flourish and the horrific World Wars had not yet raised their ugly heads. For me, the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald epitomises how I imagine the whole period to have been, although written a few years after World War 1, it’s no coincidence that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote this epic saga during his time in France, where he had his own Belle Epoque villa on the Cap d’Antibes.

We have the opportunity to visit a wonderful array of homes along the French Riviera – of all styles and to suit all tastes. I know where my heart lies though, in the “Belle Epoque” homes. They capture my imagination, and draw me into their rich histories which, surely, must be their own versions of The Great Gatsby.

Belle Epoque Villa for sale in Eze, near Monaco


Built in 1880, this Belle Epoque masterpiece is perched on the side of a cliff with breathtaking views over the Mediterranean and to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Belle Epoque Villa in Eze          Belle Epoque style villa near Monaco


Belle Epoque Villa for sale in Cannes


Another favorite is this gorgeous villa, in the heart of Cannes – and beautifully restored throughout. The interior of this home is where passion meets perfection; the renovation has been effected with such love and attention to detail over years, and at great cost, with infinite respect to the history of the building, and to the wants and needs of the wealthy connoisseur of finer living in the 21st century, and lover of the history and feel of a true Belle Epoque home.

Belle Epoque Villa in Cannes          Belle Epoque Villa in Cannes

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