Home Staging tips to help you sell your home faster, and for the best price.

The latest addition to our growing Fine & Country network is Fine & Country Interior Design, a unique office mobilising a specialist network of international design firms to service the needs of our clients. Dedicated to delivering professional advice, we took the opportunity to get their top home staging tips to help you sell your home faster, and for the best price the market will pay.

We asked Alice, CEO of Fine & Country Interior Design why home staging is an important part of selling your home; “When selling your home, it is vital to capitalise on that one off chance to make a memorable first impression on a potential purchaser. Buying a home for much of the population is often an emotive decision, as well as being a practical and logical choice. For many, their home is their pride and joy, a refuge from the outside world and a base from which to raise a family. Tapping into this psychology is vital if you want your home to be sold quickly and at the right price, and this is where home styling and staging really comes into its own. By dressing a home so that it looks neat, stylish and well-presented both online, in the photographs and during the viewings, it not only shows the property in the best possible light, but it also depicts the aspirational lifestyle that the potential buyer will be looking for and this will only serve to inspire a buyer to make an offer.”

From our side, as real estate agents “on the ground”, we see exactly what Alice is saying, and know that those sellers who make an intial investment in presenting their home beautifully to potential buyers, achieve a higher price for their property, sell their property faster, and the initial investment made is far less than an eventual price reduction that would have had to be made when the property had not been presented in the same manor.

A few small changes can make all the difference. Here are Fine & Country’s top staging tips for sellers:

1.) Neutral colours, beautiful furniture and accessories are key but also making sure a property is “de cluttered” and “depersonalised” as much as possible is an important consideration. At the end of the day a buyer wants to see the space and how to live in it rather than look at any personal possessions.


2.) Smaller spaces often benefit from having furniture in them as it can make the space feel bigger. Fine & Country Interior Design recommend putting large scale pieces into smaller rooms as this sometimes creates an illusion of the space being bigger than it is. Large plumped cushions on a small bed for example, can make the bed seem bigger than it is, so this is a great idea for the smaller little “attic’ rooms or nanny flats.

3.) Mirrors are a great way of bouncing light, so if your property feels a bit dark or cramped putting a few statement mirrors in strategic places can instantly make the rooms feel lighter and more welcoming.


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4.) Fine & Country Interior Desgin emphasise the need to create an inviting living area, so they usually like to arrange sofas, chairs and lamps symmetrically. They want to entice a potential buyer so they like to place a piece of artwork, a vase of flowers, or a rug to draw in the eye and keep them interested.


There you have are our top 4 tips to help you sell your home faster, and for the best possible price the market will pay. If you have any questions, please email us: cannes@fineandcountry.com

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