5 Best Wine & Olive Oil Producing Properties on the French Riviera.

If you think of cuisine and the South of France, it’s quite likely that wine and olive oil will come to mind. A common aspiration amongst buyers on the French Riviera however, is not to have to buy these products at the local market, but to produce their very own.

The problem is, that after many years of subdividing, and with land sizes decreasing, there are fewer and fewer properties that allow for a private vineyard and/or olive groves. Thankfully, there remain a few dotted around the French Riviera; here is our pick of our 5 Best Wine & Olive Oil producing properties on the French Riviera.

1.) 3 hectare Wine Estate For Sale in Mougins

In first place is this 3 hectare private vineyard and estate in Mougins. For those of you who know Mougins, it’s hard to imagine a 3 hectare Wine Estate within a few minutes of the village – because, this is the only one.

The estate offers an impressive Manor House, plus 2 guest houses and staff accommodation. Though this blog is all about the wine and the olive oil, the property also offers fruit orchards providing a wide selection of different trees including apples, oranges, lemons, almonds, pears and areas growing local herbs.

Wine Production: 6000 – 8000 bottles per year

Olive Oil Production: Min. 100 litres per year

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The Manor House


2.) 1930’s Bastide For Sale in Châteauneuf-Grasse

Dominant properties (i.e. on the top of a hill) are always in high demand. Why? In modern times, quite simply because they offer views and views (for example panoramic sea views) can add up to 30% to a sale price. If we go back in history, the reason was more for protection from enemies as you could see them coming and prepare your army for the battle ahead. I am sure they enjoyed the views too though – human nature.

As far as “WOW” factor goes upon arrival, this has it; a winding road leads through the olive groves up to the Bastide – the grove consists of 270 trees to be precise. The 3 houses on the property include the 11 bedroom Bastide (4 bedrooms are staff rooms), a 4 bedroom farmhouse (with separate access) and a 2 bedroom guesthouse.

Although this property doesn’t produce it’s own wine, it does have vines for table grapes, as well as a 5000m2 (!) organic vegetable garden and fruit tree orchard which has been chemical free for over 10 years.

Olive Oil Production: 150 – 200 litres per year

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11 hectare estate in Châteauneuf-Grasse


3.) 15th Century Property for sale in Peymeinade

Undeniably gorgeous; those who love historical properties with a contemporary edge will be drawn to this 15th century property as it oozes character and charm, complete with modern comforts. With a list of famous visitors (including Brigitte Bardot who used to holiday at this villa) the allure of this property is evident.

Not only does the property offer two main houses; an 8-ensuite-bedroom main house and 5-ensuite-bedroom guest house, both with their own heated pools; the reason it’s on this list is because it fits perfectly into the 5 Best Vineyard & Olive Oil producing properties on the French Riviera.

Wine Production: 500 litres per year

Olive Oil Production: 100 litres per year

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Undeniably gorgeous historical property


4.) Vineyard Estate within walking distance of Valbonne Village

Vineyard properties are rare enough on the French Riviera, but to find one within walking distance of a village is extraordinary; especially a village as renowned and desirable as Valbonne.

The 4 houses on the 22 000m2 estate include; a 5 bedroom restored Bastide, a 3 bedroom guest house, a 2 bedroom pool house and staff accommodation at the entrance to the estate.

Wine Production: 75 litres of red wine per year

Olive Oil Production: 1500 – 1800 litres per year (from a harvest of 11 000kg!)

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Vineyard Property near Valbonne village


5.) Neigbouring Chateau La Martinette

Number 5 is our wild card.

It goes without saying that there is work that goes into wine and olive oil production. This property does NOT have a private vineyard, nor an olive grove, BUT it slips into our list at number 5 for two valid reasons. Firstly, it is surrounded on all sides by vineyards, so you get the benefit of the views of vineyards from the property, without the maintenance and production. Secondly, any wine gurus who are in-the-know on Provence wines, will have heard, and likely visited, the much acclaimed Château La Martinette. Dating back to 1620, it was bought in 2011 by passionate Provence lovers, construction of the new wine cellar started in 2016 (a project that took 3 years!), and their new range of wines was delivered in 2018. La Martinette is set to rival the likes of Château de Berne, with projects for a Michelin Star Restaurant and 5* hotel in the next year or two. When you have Château La Martinette as your neighbour, perhaps you don’t need your own wine production?

This riverside property is one of our all time favourites. While located in Provence the property is only 45 minutes drive from Cannes and under 1 hour from Nice Airport; and yet, you are worlds away. Joined in the middle, there are two houses, a 5 bedroom main house and 2 bedroom guest house (or caretakers house as it has it’s own separate access), and while the original structure dates back many hundreds of years, the house has been fully restored, keep the original charm, while benefitting from modern comforts.

There’s one final pièce-de-resistance for this Provençal dream property; it’s bordering one of only 2 private rivers in France, meaning that the owners enjoy private fishing year round (not to mention the Feng Shui benefits).

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Riverside Property for sale in Provence

There you have our pick of the 5 Best Wine & Olive Oil producing properties on the French Riviera. For more information on any of these properties, we invite you to contact us:

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