From Dreams to Reality – Managing your Property in France

You’ve bought in France, and the dream is now a reality!

Now, how do you manage the “little” things? Paying your taxes on time, communicating with the body corporate, or changing a light bulb… 

Care of the Property (Apartment or Villa). We care for your property as though it were our own. We visit and check each property, and attend to any problems. This includes:

  1. Arranging for repairs (subject to owners approval),

  2. Supervising works,

  3. Replacement of small broken items such as kettles, glasses and light bulbs (to owners account).

  4. Arranging for curtains, bed covers, cushion covers etc. to be cleaned when required.

  5. We also arrange for the replacement of larger items such as sofa beds, mirrors etc.

Arrange payments. We manage the payment of all your expenses e.g. EDF (electricity), local taxes, (being Tax Fonciere and Tax Habitation) insurance, mortgages, levies (charges) etc.

Banking. We send you your monthly Income and Expenditure schedule, balanced to the bank, showing all expenses and explaining costs incurred.

Collection of income. We bank all cheques and cash and chase up any amounts that are due.

Insurance claims. We deal with the insurance company, get assessments and quotes for repairs to any damage from builder/plumber/electrician, liaise with the owner, and arrange for the repair of the damage.

Other responsibilities. Filing of documents. We send out owners newsletters from time to time, and when required updates and advice on the property.

Additional services on request :

  1. Furnishing and decoration. We arrange for furnishing, and upgrading apartments if required by the owner, and will recommend upgrading if it is an investment property and we believe it will improve rental income.

  2. Building. Introduction to builders, obtaining of quotes, and overseeing building work.

  3. Translation. Help with the translation of documents, or introduction to a court appointed translator for legal documents if required.

  4. Annual French Tax returns. The majority of our clients opt for us to do their French tax returns.

Please contact us for further information, and a quote on the management fees at


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