Buying Real Estate in Cannes & on the French Riviera

Property in Cannes


So many people aspire to owning a property on the French Riviera, and with the first ever Fine & Country France office being situated right in the heart of Cannes, the dream for many is one step closer to reality.

Of course, for many, the property formula has worked in France before and will work again as Cannes and the French Riviera have long been recognised as possessing some of the most highly sought-after property in the world. But, for those who have yet to take the plunge, it is entirely achievable. The most frequently asked question when people start to look at property here is “what can I expect, and what will I get for my money?”

It is such a broad question, and the short answer is that there is actually something for everyone, from pure investors looking for capital appreciation and rental return, to those looking for the perfect second home or the home of their dreams. The continuing and longstanding love affair between international buyers and France means that purchasing property here is a formula that is tried and tested, and that continues to provide thousands of people with the property and investment solutions they are looking for. But, beyond that, the French Riviera itself is indisputably one of the most beautiful and sought after regions in all of France, and indeed in all of Europe. It is without any doubt the most refined of all the sunshine spots that anyone might consider for investment.

  • It is a fact that more Brits buy property in France than any other nationality (other than the French of course), and that the demand for top class French property continues to grow.
  • It is also a fact that in Europe today people are demanding more and more access to sunshine, wherever they may live and work.

The Riviera has superb beaches, a beautiful sea, a stunning backdrop of mountains and snow, and quaint and ancient villages boasting fabulous cuisine. It is also only an hour and a half by car to some of France’s most famous ski slopes. People who come here are looking for something beyond the ordinary and, best of all, that is exactly what they get! You can walk out of your front door in a pretty suburb of Cannes and know that you are in France. There is both charm and local colour oozing from every pore. You can drive for 15 minutes in any one of many directions and find yourself in a rural heartland of France, so charming and rich in the things that spell “quality of life” that discerning people flock here, and yes, they want to protect it too. Sunshine and healthy living, security, and a heady feeling of absolute freedom are an intoxicating and beguiling mix that so many just cannot resist.

To top it all off, France takes first place (for the fifth year running) in the “Quality of Life” index published every January by “International Living Magazine”.

It is a lesser known fact that 1.8 million business trips are made to the Cote d’Azur each year. There are year round congresses, conventions and trade fairs, and over 200 national and international professional events. The development and infrastructure to cope with their growth has been put in place over many years, and continues to improve. Cannes which is so famous for its Film Festival is undoubtedly the centre of it all.

It is also a lesser known fact that Nice has the second busiest airport in France after Charles de Gaulle, so flights in and out of Nice are numerous between almost all cities in Europe and further afield. This combined with an excellent public transport network is a critical factor in planning a holiday or a second home.

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