Menton, and its’ “Fête du Citron”

untitledBeneath the zest of Oranges and Lemons, lies one of France’s most beautiful Festivals. Having had its modest beginnings in 1933, Menton has reached “Lemon Festival N˚ 84” in 2017! Bravo! It has grown to be one of France’s biggest and best known festivals. Always held in February, this year’s event began on 11th and finished on 1st March, and 160 000 visitors were there to enjoy it and celebrate.

Sitting in the south-eastern corner of France, on the Med., and right on the Italian border, Menton is statistically the warmest town in France, and it certainly looks and feels the part!

It, (along with Nice, and the towns in between them) only became part of France because of a Treaty with the Kingdom of Sardinia, brokered by Napoleon III in 1860. As a result, Italian influence and even names, customs and habits are still part of everyday life here. It’s an irresistible mix.

As we drove down the hill from the motorway on the last Sunday, all the beautifully cared for citrus trees along the streets and in people’s gardens were bursting with bright orange and yellow fruits. Even without the Festival Menton is a spectacle, but in February it defies description!

Forming the core of the Festival are more than 100 floats! One is treated to music by world class musicians, spectacular dance, scrumptious lemon flavoured delights and a festival atmosphere that is second to none (other than perhaps Rio!)

Our Fine & Country team represented Our Brand in style, and a fabulous day was had by all!

Because it is so photogenic, here is lovely Menton without the Lemon Festival….on an ordinary day. Menton is an anything-but-ordinary Lady of a Town!


In the words of Stevie Wonder – “Isn’t she lovely”!

In case you wondered, yes, this is a real photograph, not an artist’s impression, but you’re excused for wondering! It has to be one of the most beautiful towns in France – in fact, surely it is one of the most charming anywhere!

Put aside some time for Menton in February 2018 for the 85th. You won’t be sorry you did.


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