How France reclaimed its’ cool.

So, France is cool again. Phew! There’s no doubt about it ; optimism is in, and a decade of ‘France-bashing’ has come to a welcome halt. Negative rhetoric has been replaced by phrases such as ‘nation of entrepreneurs’, ‘land of innovation’, ‘job creation’, ‘the place of choice for startups’, and ‘attractive to global talent’…. We live in France, and we know that it’s about time. … Continue reading How France reclaimed its’ cool.

Menton, and its’ “Fête du Citron”

Beneath the zest of Oranges and Lemons, lies one of France’s most beautiful Festivals. Having had its modest beginnings in 1933, Menton has reached “Lemon Festival N˚ 84” in 2017! Bravo! It has grown to be one of France’s biggest and best known festivals. Always held in February, this year’s event began on 11th and finished on 1st March, and 160 000 visitors were there … Continue reading Menton, and its’ “Fête du Citron”

French Riviera Property of the Week: “No Cosmetics Required”

I like to think that every single property we take on has something truly “special” about it. Something unique, that sets it apart, and that we can get really excited about. Our first “French Riviera Property of the Week” is for the ladies, and we’re setting the bar pretty high with Number 1! “Estee Lauder” can be found in all of our cosmetics drawers. A … Continue reading French Riviera Property of the Week: “No Cosmetics Required”

Opportunity Knocks.

危机  “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” ― John F. Kennedy (It looks like a lot more than two strokes to me, but I wouldn’t argue with JFK. Anyway, I agree with the sentiment, Chinese brushstrokes notwithstanding.) A few … Continue reading Opportunity Knocks.