How you can help your agent sell your home during the crisis.

The majority of the world is in lockdown. This means that if your property is on the market, and you are a genuine seller, your hopes of selling soon have likely been dashed.

Or, perhaps not!

Enter, the mobile phone. Many sellers who we speak to are surprised to learn that we, as a real estate business, are busy, productive and working… albeit from home. Until a few weeks ago, much of our working lives were spent “out in the field”; doing visits, meeting clients, listing new properties and prospecting… and that included client visits to your home. None of that is possible anymore.

However, the old adage is true, “adapt or die”, and we as a team, have chosen to adapt… BUT we need your help, Mr. and Mrs. Seller.

Our website visits are through the roof and statistics show that internet usage has sky rocketed since quarantine began… people are at home, they are a captive audience, and your buyer could be among them.

We can and are communicating with these buyers on a daily basis, but here’s where we need your help… While we can’t come to you, we need you to bring your property to us, by way of your mobile phone, and a video tour.

It’s easy to do, and we have an in-house Fine & Country video tutorial to give you some tips and tricks as to how to do a video of your own home. You can then share that video with us, and we will use our professional tools to make it look fantastic and reach out to those interested buyers… just-like-that, the buyer sitting at home can take a virtual tour of your property, and just-like-that, you are helping us to help you.

Mr. & Mrs. Seller, let’s work together to sell your home during the crisis.

Contact us to learn more about how Fine & Country can help.

Tel: +33 (9)4 92 59 25 93 or email:

* With over 18 years of expeience, we offer an in house turn-key property solution on the French Riviera and into Provence, including a full buyers search service, accompaniment through the entire purchase process, property management after purchase, and rentals. Additionally, we have established trusted partnerships with English speaking mortgage brokers, currency experts, lawyers, financial advisors, banks and more; all of whom we would be delighted to introduce you to, to facilitate your property purchase in the South of France.

We look after your property investment on the Cote d’Azur, as if it were our own, and if you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, this is what Claudia L. had to say: We looked for the perfect home in Cannes for many years and had almost given up on finding a suitable property. Luckily we came across the Cannes based team of Fine & Country, who through their knowledge of the area and professionalism were able to identify the perfect property for us. Their help throughout the purchasing process from A to Z was invaluable. We felt very looked after and the team are managing our property in our absence. Highly recommended! (February 2020)

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